Entry and Dress Code

Visitors are always welcome at Corowa Golf Club.

Visitors are required to show identification and sign in as a temporary member when entering the Club. In accordance with the Registered Club Act, an individual residing within a 5km radius of Corowa Golf Club must be a current member of the Club in order to enter the property. It is a requirement of the Registered Clubs Act that all visitors to a registered club provide identification when signing in.

The main requirements of dress regulations are that clothing worn is clean, neat and tidy in appearance.


Members visitors are asked to wear suitable attire and observe acceptable course etiquette.

       ACCEPTABLE                                                           UNACCEPTABLE

     Collared shirts                                                Singlets

     Dress shorts                                                     Strapless Tops

     Trousers / Slacks                                            Football/Sports Shorts

     Flat soled shoes                                             Thongs/Heeled Shoes

     Soft Spikes                                                         Work Boots

    General Conduct

    Members and guests are expected to act in an appropriate manor on and off the course. We are committed to responsible serving of alcohol if you are not meeting these requirements you will be asked to leave.