Hole 1

From the back tee this 509m Par 5 is a true 3 shot par 5, with a wide fairway and only one fairway bunker. From the position of the second shot, it is advisable to travel down the left side for a better chance of approaching the green without bother. Coming at it from the right-hand side might present some difficulty, depending on the position of the flag.

Hole 10

From the back tee this 352m Par 4 is an intimidating tee shot even to the best of golfers, with the mighty Murray River and out of bounds lurking on the left and a vast stand of pine trees to the right. With the tee well above the level of the fairway a short shot of the tee will carry 1 to 2 clubs more, so the player can afford to be cautious, as to position the ball on the centre left of the fairway. This green is deceptively small so aiming to the middle is a good play.

Hole 19

This hole is not the bar it is another Par 5. The 19th is a 444m Par 5 starting from an elevated tee making this hole easily reachable in two. This one of the tightest driving holes on the golf course, with a second shot that needs to be aimed over the left side of the bunker making this hole a good opportunity to make a birdie.

Hole 2

A 402m Par four with lots of danger, there is a reward for driving past the water on the left, but consider if it is worth the risk. If you play safe from the tee, the second shot is a real tester with bunkers short left and right.

Hole 11

The first of three Par 5’s on this nine holes. This 502m Par 5 is again a three shot Par 5, the tee shot is straight forward with the player looking to aim down the centre to left side of the fairway. The second shot has to negotiate the canopy of the trees that encroach from the sides of the fairway around 160m from the green. For the long hitters looking to reach the green in two, the bunker to the left of the green is not a bad miss.

Hole 20 – not currently in play*

From the back markers this 423m Par 4 is a dogleg to the left. Don’t hold back with power but accuracy is important as you are hitting through a tunnel of Murray River Gums. Once a successful tee shot has been negotiated to the right side of the fairway the second shot requires a mid to long iron in to a large fast green. Putts from above the hole will be fast on a very true putting surface.

Hole 3

A 355m Dog leg Par four, but made especially difficult by the large river gum on the corner and out of bounds left. It requires a well placed tee shot down the right side which will leave 125m to the two levelled green. If you pass the test with the tee shot the hole presents an easy way home.

Hole 12

A short Par 3 of 137m takes in some of the best views down the river once on the green. This well bunkered hole with out of bounds to the left requires respect as missing the green can make it very difficult to save par. Aim for the centre of the green as this normally is the best play no matter where the pin is. Anything left our friendly Murray cod is waiting for your ball.

Hole 21 – not currently in play*

The picture perfect 159m Par 3 21st is a delight to the eye. Cut out of the River Gums surrounding the tee, the player requires pin point accuracy as missing this green makes 3 a great score for even a good player.

Hole 4

This 137m Par 3 measures 91m from front to back. Depending on flag position the hole can be played anywhere from 100m to 175m. The secret to playing this hole is to use the mounds on the right as left is a very difficult recovery shot.

Hole 13

The second of the Par 5’s is a reachable 442 metres, however don’t be fooled by the length as this is the tightest driving Par 5 on the course making an accurate tee shot of utmost importance. The player should be looking to start the ball at the fairway bunker with a slight draw which will roll over the rise in the fairway leaving a mid to long iron into the green. The approach shot to the green is also very difficult with a huge yawning bunker covering the front of the green.

Hole 22 – not currently in play*

This 309m Par 4 offers the player the ability to hit iron from the tee or blaze away with there driver to a small bottle neck. Option one would be the save play of hitting iron which would leave wedge in to the middle of the green.

Hole 5

This Par 4 is 401m in length and offers the opportunity for the longer hitters to unwind. The hole is relative straight with no notable trouble from the tee. The second shot requires the player to aim at the middle of the green with importance placed on the right yardage as there are some well placed bunkers to swallow up your ball.

Hole 14

A very strong Par 4 of 396m, a straight tee shot is required aimed at the centre of the fairway. The fairway does open a little near landing area around 150m from the green. The green slopes from back to front and putting from above the hole can be very quick, so aim to be below the hole. However this is made difficult because of the undulating fairway and large dip before the green. Don’t miss this green long.

Hole 23

This is the shortest Par 4 on the golf course, measuring just 250m. The green is reachable in one however a slightly pushed or pulled shot could be in trouble as out of bounds is very close to left side of the fairway. The smart play is to aim for the middle green side trap at the front and attempt to make your birdie or par from there.

Hole 6

What you see from the tee is what you get on this 366m Par 4. A long straight driver offers the player a short iron to a large elevated green. The important factor is to know your yardage as the green is very large and has three levels. Don’t miss this green left as there are two huge bunkers waiting for you.

Hole 15

The last of the Par 5’s for the nine, the 516m 15th is a dogleg to the right, which requires a well stuck shot down the left hand side of the fairway. Any shot right of centre you find yourself blocked by the stand of tall gum trees on the corner of the dogleg. If you navigate the tee shot and second shot the approach to the green is relatively straight forward.

Hole 24 – not currently in play*

The last of the elevated tees on the golf course, the 24th is a 355m Par 4, with fairway bunkers that are in play of the tee. The tee shot needs to be in the fairway as the second shot is to the smallest green on the golf course. The green sloops considerably from front to back, to play under the flag is ideal. To miss the green long or left makes for a difficult up and down.

Hole 7

An elevated tee greets the player on this strong 372m Par 4. With out of bounds and water left, the play is down the right side of the fairway. Left is not an option! The second shot to this hole always plays longer than its yardage especially if the pin is on the top level as the fairway undulations making it a slight uphill shot.

Hole 16

This 219m monster Par 3 is a straight forward hole with no noticeable trouble around the green it just requires you to hit your best tee shot of the day.

Hole 25 – not currently in play*

For this 347m Par 4 dogleg to the left, a well placed tee shot is required. A 3w or long iron is all that is required aimed at the middle of the fairway. This will leave a short to another well bunkered green.

Hole 8

The signature hole of the front nine, this risk reward 526m Par 5 tests the player’s ability to drive the ball straight. As the out of bounds on the left and the water to the right are both in play for the better golfer. There is the opportunity for the brave to reach the green over the water in two; otherwise a carefully shaped ball around the large gum tree strategically placed on the corner is the play. The green is elevated above the fairway and like the seventh hole the ball quite often comes up short.

Hole 17

The 376m Par 4 dogleg left is the signature hole of the back nine, with a tee shot starting through a tunnel of trees that guard the fairway. The ideal tee shot is anywhere from centre to the right hand side of the fairway, as the second shot requires you to negotiate a 600 year old Murray River Gum forming a narrow entrance to the green.

Hole 26 – not currently in play*

The last Par 5 for the nine, the 475m 26th is reachable in two for the longer hitter. A well struck tee shot will land on the elevated section of the fairway on run towards the hole. The second shot has to negotiate a well placed fairway trap and a large gum tree short of the green. A smart lay up shot leaves a straight shot to the green. This hole is a good scoring opportunity.

Hole 9

The late afternoon sun makes this hole a picture perfect 329m Par 4. This hole requires a straight drive down the centre left of the fairway. This is to avoid having to hit a second shot into the green over the beautiful River Gum Shading the front of the green. This tee shot is made difficult as there is no place to hide, out of bounds left and trees and bunkers right. As with most of the greens on the front nine yardages are important as this green is quite long.

Hole 18

The last is a Par 3 of 151m to the backdrop of the club house, again another well bunkered hole that requires an accurate tee shot. The hole offers you the chance to be a star as the club house bar over looks this hole.

Hole 27

Another well bunkered Par 3 measuring 168m. Hitting a slight draw to the middle of the green is the best play and makes all pin placements accessible.

* Due to major flood damage in November 2022, 6 holes are currently not in play, 20, 21, 22, 24, 25 and 26. Recovery works are underway and ongoing.